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Professor Bobo Hua Talk about Dirichlet Laplace eigenvalues on integer lattices

  date:2018-1-5  hits:40

 At 3:30 P.M. in January 2nd of 2018, Professor Bobo Hua, who is a faculty of school of Mathematical Sciences in Fudan University and was invited by School of Mathematical Sciences, presented a talk entitled “Dirichlet Laplace eigenvalues on integer lattices” at H306 of school of Mathematical Sciences in Anhui University. There are many teachers and students in our school attending the presentation, including Professor Tatsuro Ito, Professor Xiang-Feng Pan, Associate Professor Wenxue Du, Associate Professor Yi Wang, Associate Professor Yan-Hong Bao, Associate Professor Fu-Tao Hu, Teacher Jing Xu, Doctor Ying-Ying Tan, etc. In this talk, Professor Hua presented some of general inequalities related to Laplace eigenvalues such as Payne-Polya-Weinberger Inequality, Hile-Protter Inequality, and HC Yang Inequality. This is a joint work with Yong Lin and Yanhui Su. And Professor Hua has had a greater depth exchanges of related problems with the attended teachers and students. Attendees think it is indeed a great talk and they have learnt a number of interesting ideas from the talk.


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