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Academic Report of Prof. Xiaonan Ma

  date:2017-12-26  hits:40

Title: Quantum Hall effet and Quillen metric


Presenter: Prof.Xiaonan Ma (Paris Diderot University)


Time&Date: 10:30 A.M-11:30 A.M,Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Venue: Room H306, Building H, Qingyuan Campus of Anhui University


Abstract: Let L be a line on a smooth Riemann surface. In the study of the Quantum Hall Effect on a Riemann surface we consider the wave functions given by the holomorphic sections of the p-tensor powers of a positive line bundle. The partition function is the square of the $L^2$-norm of the Slater determinant built with the help of a basis of such sections. We will explain some mathematic problems related to QHE.


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