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2017 Workshop on Graph Theory and Combinatorics was successfully held in our school

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From Aug18to 20, the "2017 Workshop on Graph andCombinatorics" was successfully held in our school. We invited more than 30 well-known experts in the area of GraphTheory and Combinatorics, including Prof. QiaoLi from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Prof.HaoLi fromthe University of Paris-Sud, Prof. Qiaoliang Li from Hunan Normal University, Prof. Jun-MingXu,Jack Koolenand Jie Mafrom the University of Science and Technology of China and so on.In addition, more than 20 teachers and graduate students from our schooltook partin this workshop.

The Workshop was inaugurated at 8:00 am on Aug 19th. At the beginning,Prof. Yi-Zheng Fan, the dean of our school, delivereda welcome speech to all participants.Then Prof. Jun-Ming Xu and Prof. Qiao Ligave a talk for calling on more frequent communication among young scholarsand encouraging them to dobetter research, respectively.Next, 15 speakers introduced their research results and communicated with some listeners.Thanks for the wonderful reports coming from the speakers


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