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Graduate Programs

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The SMS recruited graduate students since 1978, which is one of the earliest departments in China that recruited graduate students. We have the following graduate programs:

Ph.D. Programs:

(1) Mathematics Ph.D. Program

(2) Statistics Ph.D. Program

Master Programs:

(1) Mathematics Master Program

(2) Statistics Master Program

The Mathematics and Statistics Master/Ph.D. Programs cover the fields in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, computational mathematics, probability and statistics and applications in information sciences.

The research directions include:

(1) Algebra, Combinatorics and Coding

(2) Functional Differential Equations

(3) Partial Differential Equations

(4) Dynamical Systems

(5) Probability and Statistics

(6) Operation and Control Theory

(7) Informatics and Network Sciences

The master students have two types: academic students and professional students, both with 3 years period. The academic students should do research and join the master’s thesis defense. The professional students do not need to join the defense but learn more courses. The basic requirement for master degree is to get 51 credits.

The Ph.D. students must do research and join the doctoral thesis defense, with 4 to 6 years period. The basic requirement for Ph.D. degree is to get 40 credits and publish some academic papers.

We have a lot of scholarship for graduate students, including national scholarship, the university scholarship and others from some enterprises. We have a lot of positions for graduate students doing research assistant, teaching assistant and management assistant.



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