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Founded in 1929, the School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS) of Anhui University, is one of the earliest founded mathematical departments in China, which has been named Department of Mathematics and School of Mathematics and Computational Science before....MORE>>


Professor Rong Luo talked about the problem about Edge coloring... 01-08
2018 the first series of academic reports on probability statis... 01-08
Professor Bobo Hua Talk about Dirichlet Laplace eigenvalues on ... 01-05
Professor Xiaonan Ma Talked about Quantum Hall Effect 12-29
The Seminar on Graph and Combinatorics was successfully held in... 12-27


4+1 international program 05-14
2+2 international program 05-14
Graduate Programs 03-20
Undergraduate Programs 03-20


Academic Report of Prof.Hongguang Sun 01-08
Academic Report of Prof.Dumitru Baleanu 01-08
2018 Series Lectures of Probability and Statistics an... 01-03
Academic Report of Prof. Bin Xu 01-02
Academic Report of Prof. Xiaonan Ma 12-26

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